10 ways to turn noodles into a gourmet meal

By Jess Spiro, 8 April 2020

Just because they’re quick and easy to cook, doesn’t mean noodles aren’t worthy of culinary greatness.

Sticky coconut chicken stir-fry with basil-miso vegetable noodles

While this recipe uses veggie noodles, you could swap in any noodles you have at home. The magic here is the combination of juicy chicken thighs and slurpable noodles.
Get the recipe here.

Peanut-and-mint rice noodles with sticky pork fillet

Swap out the pork for chicken if you like, but make sure you don't skip out on the mint, cucumber and cabbage salad, it takes a seemingly simple bowl of noodles to a whole new level.
Get the recipe here.

BBQ charred beef with spicy noodles

If you've got a fillet (or, really any piece of steak for that matter) to use up, this is a different and delicious way to serve it. You could also throw in any hardy greens or broccoli too, this punchy sauce will work wonders with them.
Get the recipe here.

Sticky ginger chicken and crunchy greens with sesame noodles

Featuring ingredients you're almost guaranteed to have already, this recipe is a great midweek dinner. Plus, you can throw in any kinds of greens you have.
Sticky ginger chicken and crunchy greens with sesame noodles recipeGet the recipe here.

Udon-and-salmon bowl

A hearty way to serve fish, you can swap out the beef stock for any stock you have at home, or make your own light veggie stock with soy sauce.

Get the recipe here.

Spinach-and-cauli noodles with crispy tofu and hot sesame-maple dressing

The real drawcard here is the hot-sesame dressing, so feel free to drizzle that over any noodles you like. The method for the crispy tofu here is nothing short of genius, and might turn you into a tofu convert.
Get the recipe here.

Chilli beef ramen

A cheat's version to a rib-sticking bowl of noodles. The steps for the broth and the chilli sauce are the most important here, for the rest, you can tweak everything down to the type of protein as chicken or pork fillet would work just as well.
Get the recipe here.

Teriyaki pork and mushrooms on spinach noodles

A simple, satisfying dish that comes together in minutes, this is also very riffable. Swap the pork for chicken, use any mushrooms you have lying about, and some cabbage or other hardy greens would work well here if you'd like to up the veggie factor.
Teriyaki pork and mushrooms on spinach noodles recipeGet the recipe here.

Glazed sesame-chicken noodles with pak choi

If you don't have the barbecue sauce this calls for, use oyster, hoisin or plum sauce, but whatever you do, don't skip the glaze. It's an easy way to gussy up the humble chicken breast.
Get the recipe here.

Crispy noodle salad

Another marriage of noodles and salad, the punchy dressing really takes this to new heights. Use this is a base for a fridge clear-out, and add more veggies as well as any protein. Pork, chicken or fish will all be great here.
Get the recipe here.


Jess Spiro

Article by Jess Spiro

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    Dirk Lucas
    14 April 2020

    I have another one to try:
    Use the standard two minute noodles, including the flavor sachet.
    Add 1 tablespoon butter and one wheel feta cheese, crumbled, to the pot before starting cooking.
    Cook until creamy and feta all melted. It is like an instant risotto.